Strings Embassy
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  • Location: Heritage House

Strings Embassy

Looking to learn an instrument?

Learn the violin, cello and viola with Strings Embassy. Dominik and the team offer complex music education focusing on quality over quantity. Their team of teachers are passionate about classical music and they understand that every student is different. They adjust their teaching program to find the best way to achieve results and progress for each student. Strings Embassy (together with Domenico Dragonetti Instruments) offer instrument rentals and sales for beginners, intermediate and advanced players through Domenico Dragonetti Instruments.

Enquire today about learning your favourite string instrument or book your free instrument consultation:<a href=”tel:+0415 09 6611″>0415 09 6611</a>, call 0415 09 6611.

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Strings Embassy is a Creative Kids Provider too, make sure to ask how you can claim your $100 Gift Voucher from the NSW Government.

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