Tiger Mural by STYNA

Tiger Mural from 9am Thursday 27 January, until complete

To mark the Year of the Tiger, Western Sydney artist Christina Huynh (aka STYNA) will be on Restaurant Level painting a beautiful tiger mural. It will capture two sides of this magnificent creature, calm and still but also ferocious and wild!

About the Artist

Christina Huynh (aka STYNA) is an Australian-Chinese, award-winning illustrator and muralist from Western Sydney. Her art practice involves creating large-scale murals, illustrations and picture books. With enthusiasm for painting goldfish and all things fragile in our natural world, Christina creates stories in her work that express her everyday thought, experience and memory. Her work is inspired by storytelling, human emotion, wayfaring and the heritage of people and place. Since completing her studies in a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at Western Sydney University in 2011, Christina has been involved in various public art projects, including the Canal to Creek Public Art Program, one of Australia’s most extensive public art programs, as well as illustrative publications, including creating the illustrations for ‘Grandma’s Treasured Shoes’ by Coral Vass and published by the National Library of Australia.

About the Mural

This piece will show the character of the tiger during the coming new year of 2022. The world has seen a difficult last two years, and for this year, I wanted to create a character that reflects two different yet contrasting sides. The tiger is calm and still but also capable of being a ferocious and wild animal. I once read a statement in a book on Hayao Miyazaki who said the best way to capture expression is to animate (or, in this instance, illustrate and paint large) two characters doing the same thing. Although the two tiger’s faces are different in the design, I ultimately want to capture a moment, vitality, and that midway point between stillness and calamity.

In the four elements of fire, earth, metal and water, the 2022 tiger is a water tiger which is why the environment of the design takes place in a watering hole. Objects and subject matter included in the concept that is considered lucky to the tiger in 2022 are plum blossoms and green and blue. I chose teal, sky blue and sand hues to complement the leafy and friendly atmosphere of the Mix at Chatswood Place.


Photo taken by Sam Ali.

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